NR Elhadedy architects founded by the Egyptian architects Nada & Rana Elhadedy in 2017.

Nada & Rana Elhadedy

In the past few years, they established an international portfolio that included Commercial, medical, educational,
Recreational, administrative, and Residential projects in Egypt, Libya, Sudan, Kenya, Morocco, Turkey, Russia, and in the gulf area in KSA, UAE, Oman, Qatar, Jordan, and Iran.

With an HQ in Cairo-Egypt.NR Elhadedy provide a proactive architectural vision for the future, by bringing
Conceptual ideas and technical solutions, Influenced by the constantly evolving and changing contemporary life.


Architectural Plans

We believe that architecture is an international language that is gradually closing the gaps between countries.


Although each project might have a unique relation to its geographic location, it certainly has a universal statement that goes beyond the physical limitation, steering clear of the petrifying pragmatism of boring boxes and the native Utopian ideas of digital formalism.


We are designing for a new era, that requires new ways of architectural and urban Design.

As architects and designers, Our main goal is to
solve problems, fulfill needs, leverage behavior, and also promote change, creativity, and innovation. Taking into consideration the social aspects and its impact on the community as well as achieving the fundamentals requirements.

At NR Elhadedy we see design as a strategy in action, focused on results, we help our clients envision a better future and get there successfully.

And in helping businesses navigate the impact of industry trends on the built environment, our projects and ideas explore how design turns client’s challenges into a competitive advantage.

Such a great experience we managed to develop over the years working in Egypt and in the Middle East by being involved in the vast growing market of real estate development, helped us to develop a deeper understanding of the connection between design, business, and the human experience.

“We are committed to unlocking new solutions and strategies that will define the future of architecture ”

Nada & Rana Elhdedy


our expertise

Pencil Sharpener



Pre-Design essentially is to gather the needed information to proceed with the design process, Such as ( site analysis, zoning Analysis, building program, .etc. )

Architect Drawing Blueprint


Once we define the parameters of the project, we proceed with the design process developing a conceptual vision, considering the client’s requirements, regulations and any other special considerations.

Landscape Design 

Then comes the next step where we refine and revise. Once the owner approves the design’s direction, we add details and incorporate the requested changes.



Based on the Client’s approval of the Schematic Design, the design will be developed up to the level of detailed and well-coordinated design to meet all aspects of the project.


Elegant Abstract Background

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3 Abd Al Aziz St from Abd Al Aziz Fahmy St Heliopolis, Cairo, Egypt.
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