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Abu Dhabi villa front façade 2.png

Abu Dhabi villa

Abu Dhabi villa is a luxury villa located in Dubai, the design theme followed the family preferences of a simple modern home, our goal in this villa was to provide the ultimate comfort in both internal spaces and in orientation, to provide the best view to the gardens and the maximum privacy.

the villa entrance split the floor into two wings the west wing contains the visitors' areas, and in east wing contain the family areas, on the first floor the west wing contains the master bedroom, and the kids' bedroom is in the west wings, all spaces are looking out beautiful back gardens. the external design is reflected by the composition of the internal spaces. 

Quick Info

Country - Dubi

Location - Abu Dhabi

Square Area  - 1500 Sq.

Status - Design 

Abu Dhabi villa front façade
Abu Dhabi villa side façade
Abu Dhabi villa back façade
Abu Dhabi villa front façade 2
Mr-Khames villa - Rev 035
Mr-Khames villa - Rev 036
Mr-Khames villa - Rev 038
Abu Dhabi villa
Dubai villa floor plans
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