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Crystal Town

The Crystal City is the conceptual idea for a residential compound in new capital in Cairo, The project is located on an area of 138,096 sqm, The project comprises of residential buildings, a strip mall, and a recreational central area.

We built this conceptual idea based on the human need for natural social interaction, the question was how to achieve a connection at a level that would be appealing and acceptable in our everyday lives? before answering this we came up with some consideration to focus on, the hierarchy of  spaces from public to private, the natural atmosphere that makes such interaction more welcomed, and the most important one to make such interaction come very natural and indirect, 
so by connecting people with nature will eventually connect them in a natural spontaneous way.

Quick Info

Country - Egypt

Location - Cairo

Square Area  - 138.096 Sqm.

Status - Constructed 

new administrative capital study
new administrative capital
new administrative capital
Crystal City entrance
Crystal City design
Crystal City unit
Crystal City layout
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