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How NOT to design a project in four steps

Step one, you find a random project that you like.

Step two, you duplicate the idea without analyzing what it was done for.

Step three, you start noticing all the things that will go wrong, and you chose to go along anyway.

Step four, congratulation you've wasted too much time, and now you are left with a project that makes no sense.

And this how not to design a project, how to design a project on another hand is an unsystematic journey, in which you explore new horizons, to come up with a tailored idea that fits the exact needs and requirements that it will be built for.

This is not to say that in each project you will need to reinvent the weal, it's perfectly normal to drive inspirations from others, a great Quote by Picasso says

" Good Artists Copy; Great Artists Steal ".

PS: if you do not know how to steal like an artist there is a book for you called " Steal Like an Artist" By Austin Kleon, will put you on track.

Anyway, this is a reminder for us as NRELHadedy as for any designer, as we get busy we tend to fall into this trap of duplicating our previous ideas instead of exploring new horizons, It a good thing however that we work in teams and always challenges each other. Surrounding ourselves with a stimulating team is a step in the right direction.

Good luck all creative people :)

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