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How to come up with fresh ideas in 7 steps

Step one // upload information

Carefully study all available information there is, and highlight the limitations and requirements. It is particularly important to get a sense of the project scale, ratio, and surroundings .

Step two // stimulation

Step back for a couple of days to feed your brain from different sources of inspiration. You could find it on the internet, movies, music, a walk-in nature, a talk with a friend, or books.

Step three// processing .

Have a good night's sleep. It's essential to give your brain the space it needs to make connections and look for new brilliant ideas.

Step four // generate ideas .

By now you shall have some crazy ideas and dreams scattered in your brain, hurry up and lay them down on paper no matter how crazy they might seem.

Step five // select and test.

now it's time to filter those ideas you might need to combine two in one, or three, just play around with them and pick from 3 to 5 ideas that fit the project requirements.

Step six //download.

By now you shall have a clear idea of what needs to be done. it's time to realize your idea in whatever sort or form you need to communicate it.

Step seven // congratulations you now have a fresh idea.

it's all about respecting how our brains work, in order for the brain to generate brilliant connections, it needs three things ( information, stimulation, and of course the opportunity to process those two ).

Those are the exact steps we are following in almost all of our projects. They have proven very effective when looking for innovative answers and solutions. Since they have never failed us, we wanted to share it hopefully, they will help you as well.

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