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Pre-Pandemic VS Post-Pandemic Residential Design

Going through the challenging times of the Coved-19 pandemic definitely had its impact on our way of living, and has rewritten new principles and needs in residential architecture for the next era.

Now more than ever, we crave more social interaction, yet we need to cope with it in a safer setting.

A trend that is now gaining popularity in residential projects, with Indoor-outdoor living, where earlier residential projects tend to be inclosed for protection and privacy. However, today's architects embrace the outdoor living space, as it gives a chance to remain in touch with nature while keeping safe.

Such living space would have a great potential to introduce safer social encounters.

We can explain this concept in one of our residential projects that were designed prior to the pandemic, the " Crystal City ". It presents a relevant applicable concept to the indoor-outdoor social spaces.

Crystal City provides an abundance of both, balconies with ceilings and others open to the sky. Converting all apartments to penthouses. where spaces can be opened to the outdoor with a glass door.

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