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Sahl Hasheesh Resort

Sahel Hashish is a luxurious resort looking over the Red Sea, with an area of 90,000 square meters, that includes a Recreational facilities, residential units, a hotel, and a commercial center.


Our Approach was to create a resort that provides a diverse range of facilities and activities to cater for all ages and interests through (open spaces, recreation areas, clubhouse, interactive plaza, commercial activities (F&B), promenade experience, aqua park & sport zones).

Each space is distinguished by a unique feature whether it’s a higher level of privacy, large pools, a lazy river circling the resort or a promenade with a direct sea view. Each space will give a completely different user experience.

Beauty, Solidity and Utility, are the ultimate goals for each project, starting Sahl Hasheesh resort with a careful study and evaluation of the project features, elements, advantages, and disadvantages to having a deeper understanding of how can we use all that to achieve our three main goals

Quick Info

Country - Egypt

Location - Hurghada

Square Area  - 9000 Sq.

Status - Constructed 

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