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Sudan Complex

Sudan Residential Complex is a high-end residential project in the Sudanese capital, Khartoum. 
, the complex waterfront has several defining features. and the most important one is breaking down the facade of the development into various common spaces, terraces, and gardens.


A simple solution that places social relations between the residents and the public at the very center.

Encouraging human interaction to be an essential part of the facade design is the most significant element that brings architecture to life.

We concentrated on providing the maximum comfort to the users, yet we also focused on how both the residents and the public will interact with the building. So instead of using the building as a barrier that separates the residents from each other and from the outside. We used it to promote openings and interaction between both the inner community and the outside.

Quick Info

Country - Sudnan

Location - Khatoum

Square Area  - 5000 Sq.

Status - Constructed 

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