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The TwistingTowers

The twisting towers is a high-end mixed project in Morocco, Casablanca. Located in a vibrant area of Casablanca, the project consists of a commercial complex, business center, 5 stars hotel, and a residential building, combined into one iconic project.
Built on an area of 10,000 sqm with 28 floors and 5 basement levels, the north tower contains the residential units while the south tower overlooking the panoramic view of the city contains the hotel and the business center.
The form was oriented and manipulated to have an optimal orientation, and reduce the solar radiation, and shadow impact on the neighborhood and surrounding streets. The two towers shall complement each other in shape form, and orientation, to always have the best city view.

Quick Info

Country - Morroco 

Area - 10,000 Sqm.

Status - Concept 

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